Expert Allocation Services Inc. provides the following services to all oil and gas producers, midstream processors in the oil and gas industry:

Product Allocations

  • Audits – Internal and External, Joint Venture, Review for OGC/MOF Compliance
  • Methodology Evaluation, Design, Implementation and Support
  • Model Change Management Support
  • Regulatory Reporting Requirements

Oil & Gas Measurement and Reporting

  • Regulatory Compliance – Alberta AER Directive 17, Saskatchewan Dept. Of Economy and BC OGC Measurement Requirements
  • On Call Measurement Support Services
  • Joint Venture Agreement Requirements and Compliance
  • LGR Testing Program Services
  • Corporate Annual Liquid-Gas-Ratio (LGR) Testing Program
  • Measurement Schematics
  • Creation, Updating and Storage
  • Reconcile With P&ID (Engineering) Drawings

Production Accounting/Operations Accounting

  • Property Configuration for off-the-shelf systems (GPAS, PRISM, METRIX, Quorum/TIPS, PetroNet, Custom PA Systems/Applications, Field Data Capture Systems, etc.)
  • PVR, GFR, CNS Applications, GPAS and GPAS Analytics
  • Production Accounting Monthly Change Management Support
  • Production Accounting Monthly Activities Support

Product Marketing Applications

  • Crude Oil Management System (Crude Oil and NGL/LPG Products)
  • Corporate Gas Management

EPAP Program

  • Development
  • Annual Submission
  • Controls Audits

Risk Analyses and Assessments / Evaluations

  • Monte Carlo Assessment Tools
  • Kepner–Tregoe Analysis

Lawsuit Support
Technical Expertise for:

  • Oil and Gas managment
  • Product Allocations


The following list details the specialized industry applications that Expert Allocation Services Inc. has experience with:

Production Accounting Systems

  • PRISM, PetroNet, Quorum TIPS, Triangle, METRIX
  • Excel Based Models/Tools

Field Data Capture Systems

  • FDC, FieldView, PVR/GFR/CNS, ProdView
  • ProTrend – Composition Data Capture and Validation

Measurement Systems and Tools

  • OAS & CriticalControl Chart Reading Services
  • ChartPro – Digital Chart Reading Services
  • Measurement Schematics

Database Systems / Tools

  • Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MS Access

Monte Carlo/Risk Based Tools and Other Methodologies

  • CrystalBall, @RISK, ModelRisk
  • Kepner-Tregoe Analysis (KT Analysis)
  • Facility Balancing Methods / Applications
  • Nominations Management

Regulatory Compliance


  • Directive 17 – Measurement Requirements
  • Directive 76 – Enhanced Production Audit Program

British Columbia (OGC):

  • Measurement Requirements for Upstream Oil and Gas Operations
  • Flaring Incinerating & Venting Reduction Guideline for BC

Saskatchewan Department Of Economy:

  • Measurement Requirements


Expert Allocation Services Inc. offers the following program services to the industry: